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Our Approach

Our Approach/Methods

Single and multiple implants are often done in 2 stages. The placement of the implant followed 3-4 months later by the restoration of the implant. However sometimes it is possible to restore the tooth at the same time as placing the implant. (See immediate implants and All-on-4®)

1. Diagnosis and treatment planning:
Dr Norcross will listen carefully to your treatment goals. A thorough examination is performed, diagnostic radiographs and photographs are taken. Referral for a 3D (CBCT) scan is arranged. Treatment plan to restore your smile and all associated costs are discussed.
Dental Implant Placement
2. Implant placement:
This can be performed using just local anaesthetic or with IV sedation for nervous patients. The dental implants are placed carefully with precision into the bone under the gum. The area is left to heal for a period of time. Wherever possible a temporary tooth will be provided.
3. Tooth Production:
Once the implants have successfully bonded to the bone. Impressions are taken of the position of the implant and sent to our dental technician where your final implant crown/bridge will be manufactured. To help with the colour matching of your new crown we will often take photographs and/or arrange you to visit our dental technician.
4. Tooth Replacement:
The replacement tooth is attached to the dental implant. You are shown how to care for your new teeth with correct oral hygiene technique.
Dental Implant Maintenance Perth
5. Maintenance:
6 monthly maintenance visits are booked with our hygienist to ensure that your oral hygiene is kept at its highest level.

Sterile Conditions

As the dental implants are being inserted into bone the procedure should be performed under strict surgical conditions to reduce the risk of infection.

We use:

  • Disposable equipment which is only used once ensuring sterility
  • nurses who have been specially trained in infection control
  • Instruments that have been sterilized according to Australian Dental Associations infection control standards
  • Disposable surgical gloves and gowns

Success Rates

The success rate for dental implants is very high. According to the Australian Dental Association, dental implants have a 90-98% success rate. Dr David Norcross documents all of his cases with regular follow-ups and currently has a success rate of 98%.

Failures are rare but can occasionally occur. They are usually related to smoking, uncontrolled diabetes or other medical conditions that reduce a patient’s ability to heal. If a failure occurs the dental implant is removed and the area is left to heal. After 3-4 months another implant is placed free of charge.

We encourage patients to prioritise their oral health before, during and after their implant treatment. Perth Dental Implant Centre provides a complimentary 6 month check-up after your implant treatment with Dr Norcross, followed by a complimentary hygiene maintenance appointment.

Implant Products

Dr David Norcross uses the following dental implant systems which are all TGA approved and backed by years of clinical research: Nobel, MIS and Southern.

Nobel Biocare Dental Implants Perth
Southern Implants Dental Perth

Highly Skilled Local Dental Technicians

We work closely with local highly skilled dental technicians who use the most up to date techniques and technology with the highest quality of dental materials. None of our work is sent to cheaper overseas dental labs.

Donagh McDonagh is Perth Dental Implant Centre’s resident Prosthetist. Donagh qualified as a Dental Technician in 1984 and as a Dental Prosthetist in 1990 and has been finessing his skills and expertise in field for the past 30 years. Read more about Donagh, here.