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Welcome to Perth Dental Implant Centre

Ever dreamed of having healthier-looking teeth? For many people living with severely cracked, broken or missing teeth, their dream of obtaining that perfect smile can seem so far out of reach. Thankfully, dental implants in Perth are now one of the most viable solutions for teeth replacement and are considered the gold standard for restoring both the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth.

Our dental implants are titanium fixtures gently inserted into the jaw bone, under the gums and can be tailored to replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth or a full set of teeth. They’re as much restorative as they are aesthetic and can significantly improve the functionality of your mouth. In addition to enhancing oral comfort and improving speech and chewing, dental implants can also improve your overall health. Learn more about dental implants with Dr Norcross by watching this short video.

 Perth Dental Implant Centre, home to one of WA’s highly accredited dentists, Dr. David Norcross, is accessible through two locations: East Victoria Park Dental and Kelmscott Dental. Whether you’re in need of a single tooth implant, implant supported dentures or full mouth dental implants, our experienced and friendly team can help! If you’re ready to start your journey, contact us today!

Affordable Dental Implants in Perth

Due to the high number of dental implants we place at our clinics we are able to offer treatment at competitive rates. So, if you’re looking for affordable dental implants in Perth then contact our professional team today and get the smile you’ve been dreaming about.

Teeth Implants in Perth Starting From $3700

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Dental Implant Experts

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we believe finding the right dental solution for your needs is essential, which is why we provide a variety of services including:

Dental Implants

Our Perth dental implants are the closest available solution to natural teeth a dentist can provide. They can replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth or a full set of teeth and can also be used to stabilise loose dentures.

Single Tooth Implants

Often the best solution for the replacement of a single tooth is a dental implant. Our single tooth implants will ensure that your new tooth feels and functions like your natural teeth and is indistinguishable from the neighbouring teeth.

Immediate Implants

In some cases, it may be possible to remove a fractured or failing tooth and replace it with a dental implant in the same procedure. To do this, a temporary crown will be fixed on the implant while it bonds to the bone.

Full Mouth Implant Bridges

If you have no teeth, suffer from loose dentures or your remaining teeth are unhealthy, dental Implants can be used to support a full set of fixed teeth. These new teeth will look and feel like natural teeth and will last for many years to come.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures (or ‘overdentures’) are an affordable alternative to full mouth implant bridges. The number of implants needed to support the denture will depend on the quality of your bone and but may be as little as one or two implants.

Dental Implant Alternatives

There are other options available depending on your individual circumstances. Learn about dentures, dental bridges and why dental implants may be the preferred option to these sometimes ‘cheaper’ and ‘quicker’ alternatives.

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