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Immediate Implant Placement

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, it might be possible to have it removed and replaced with a dental implant in the same day.

Immediate Dental Implants in Perth


Immediate dental implants can fast-track the healing process, restoring your smile while also supporting your oral health and preventing jaw bone loss.

Our accredited and experienced dentist Dr David Norcross uses digitally guided keyhole surgery to provide single tooth implants and immediate dental implants in Perth at two locations. Book a consultation for dental implants in Kelmscott or East Victoria Park to find out more about this procedure and whether you might be a suitable candidate.


Why Choose Immediate Implant Placement?

If you need to have a tooth extracted, replacing it with a dental implant on the same day can maintain the appearance of your smile and avoid problems associated with temporary tooth loss, such as difficulties eating or speaking, shifting teeth and deterioration of the jaw bone.


A single tooth implant typically costs more than a dental bridge or partial denture, but offers superior stability and support to the jaw and doesn’t rely on neighbouring teeth or suction to stay in place. Compared to a standard dental implant, immediate implant placement has several advantages:


  • Less appointments
  • Faster treatment time
  • Faster healing time
  • Less disruption to your schedule

Who Is Suitable for Immediate Implant Placement?

Dr Norcross will examine your mouth and jaw and check your medical history to confirm whether you’re a candidate for dental implants, as some health conditions can affect treatment outcomes.


Do You Meet These Requirements?

  • Good oral hygiene and healthy gums
  • Enough jaw bone to support dental implants
  • A non-smoker who does not consume excess alcohol
  • Someone who does not grind their teeth

A dental implant is immediately placed following the extraction of a tooth and is covered with a temporary crown until the mouth heals. If there isn’t enough jaw bone to support a dental implant, we may recommend a bone graft to build it up, this can be done during first-stage surgery.

If you’re having all of your remaining upper or lower teeth extracted, we may recommend full mouth dental implants which can usually replace your teeth within five days of surgery.

How Are Immediate Dental Implants Placed?

Extracting a tooth and replacing it with an immediate tooth implant is done in a single appointment. It can be done using one of two methods, by freehand or using digitally guided keyhole surgery. Before surgery, we take a 3D CBCT bone scan of your mouth and jaw, so we can see the exact position of the tooth and avoid nerve endings or sinuses.

3D-printed surgical guide is being used to place a dental implant.

Dental implant surgery at Perth Dental Implant Centre is carried out under local anaesthesia. However, you may also choose to take an oral sedative or sleep during your procedure with IV sedation provided by our qualified anaesthetist, Dr Christine Troy.


  • The failing tooth is removed
  • A titanium dental implant is placed into the empty socket
  • A titanium abutment is fitted onto the implant to support a dental crown, restoring the look, feel and function of your missing tooth
  • Two to three months following surgery, the implant will fuse with the bone in your jaw to form a strong long-lasting bond

If you’re having a tooth replaced at the front of the mouth, it may be possible to attach a crown to the dental implant at the same time, so you won’t go home with a missing tooth.


Immediate implants stages 1 to 4 at PDIC
Failing tooth requires removing. Planning takes place and a temporary crown is designed for placement.


Immediate implants stages 5 and 6 at PDIC
The jawbone has now healed and a final crown is designed and placed.

Why Choose Digitally Guided Implant Surgery?

Digitally guided implant surgery is optional. It is a form of keyhole surgery that allows the dentist to accurately place dental implants using a 3D-printed surgical guide for better treatment outcomes.

Positioning an implant as little as a millimetre away from the ideal position can have an impact on the final result. By using guided surgery, a lot of the guesswork is removed. Here are some reasons to consider digitally guided implant surgery:


  • More accurate and predictable outcome
  • Faster surgery time (A lot of time goes into pre-planning surgery)
  • Faster healing time
  • Less invasive treatment
  • Recommended for complex cases

If you choose digitally guided keyhole surgery, Dr Norcross will plan your surgery on a computer using the scans and create a 3D-printed surgical guide to place the dental implant in the best position, before the failing tooth is removed.

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If you want to know more about the benefits of replacing teeth with dental implants, or you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch today.

Call our friendly teams in Kelmscott on(08) 9495 7999 or East Victoria Park on (08) 9470 3944 to arrange your initial consultation with Dr Norcross to discuss immediate implant placement in Perth and other options.


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Frequently asked questions

Immediate dental implants involve extracting a tooth and replacing it with an implant during the same appointment. These procedures often take 1-2 hours, but are performed on the same day. If you choose digitally guided keyhole surgery, the procedure takes less time. Once an implant has been placed, it will be covered by a crown and your jaw bone begins a healing process. This process can take from three to six months on average.

Immediate dental implants may cost more than a standard dental implant as it involves a slightly more complex procedure involving an extraction of your existing tooth. It may also be necessary to place a bone graft into the empty tooth socket surrounding the implant if there isn’t enough jaw bone to support it. However, the advantages are that the procedure is carried out in just one visit that aids faster healing time with minimal bone loss.

Our dentists in Kelmscott or East Victoria Park will make sure you understand the costs involved before you commit to immediate dental implants.

You may be a candidate for immediate dental implants if your jaw is large and strong enough to support an implant and you don’t have an oral health problem such as gum disease. An immediate implant can replace a tooth that’s been extracted due to damage, decay or for other reasons.


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