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Wisdom Tooth Removal Costs

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality treatment that you can afford to maintain throughout your lifetime. We’re transparent about wisdom tooth extraction prices and can explain all the risks and benefits for each wisdom tooth removal treatment option. Speak to a member of our friendly team to book your wisdom tooth removal consultation today.


No Referral Required

There is no need for a referral for wisdom tooth extraction at Perth Dental Implant Centre. We have qualified dentists onsite to provide you with treatment. We can use existing and recent x-rays belonging to you, or we can take these at your wisdom tooth extraction appointment.

Wisdom tooth removal costs depend on treatment complexity, the number of teeth to be removed, the method of removal and the type of sedation you choose for treatment. Some patients may additionally require a 3D CBCT scan if wisdom teeth are close to nerves or severely impacted. Perth Dental Implant Centre has an onsite scanner and can complete these services for a cost of $217.

In-chair Wisdom Teeth Removal

Simple wisdom tooth removal will likely be completed in-chair under local anaesthesia with one of our dentists. This helps to avoid many of the costs associated with hospital fees and sedation. Costs for wisdom tooth removal under local anaesthetic and in-chair start from $1,838 for four teeth. However, we will need to take diagnostics before we can determine an accurate quote for treatment. For patients with private health insurance, prices can differ slightly.

For more complex wisdom tooth removal or when multiple teeth need removing, patients may opt for treatment in-chair under IV sedation, or in hospital under eneral anaesthesia. Both types of sedation are administered by a qualified GP anaesthetist who will monitor your vital signs throughout treatment.

Costs for wisdom tooth removal under IV sedation depends on the length of time you’re under and can start from approximately $2,722. This is includes the removal of four wisdom teeth under IV sedation for a maximum duration of 45 minutes to an hour.  For longer sedation times, the cost increases.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Hospital

For particularly anxious patients or those with complex treatment needs, it may be more affordable to get treatment under general anaesthesia in hospital, if you have private health insurance with hospital cover. Our dentists at Perth Dental Implant Centre can provide wisdom tooth removal under IV sedation at the practice, or general anaesthetic at South Bank Day Surgery in South Perth.

The cost of wisdom tooth removal in hospital under general anaesthetic for patients with hospital cover involves paying their insurance excess plus anaesthetist fees of roughly between $780 – $1000. For patients without private health insurance and hospitals cover, it is more affordable to opt for wisdom teeth removal in-chair at the practice.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Prices

Here’s a price guide for patients with private health insurance and hospital cover (based on the removal of four teeth):

  • In-chair under local anaesthesia from $1,838*
  • In-chair under IV sedation from $2,722*
  • Hospital under general anaesthesia (with private hospital cover) from $500 + anaesthetist fees + any insurance excess

*The cost for in-chair wisdom tooth removal under local anaesthesia includes a consultation (#014); OPG radiograph (#037); removal of 4 wisdom teeth (#324 x 4) and medication #927.

*The cost for in-chair wisdom tooth removal under IV sedation is as above and also includes treatment under IV sedation (1 hour) #949; and anaesthetist fee. Price varies according to sedation time and anaesthetist fees. 

Treatment Process

The process by which Perth Dental Implant Centre surgeons perform Wisdom Tooth Removals is highlighted below.

Book a Consultation

For an accurate wisdom tooth removal price, please book a consultation or Call 1300 108 133 to book at our Kelmscott or East Vic Park clinic. We will be able to assess your medical history, take diagnostics and determine the most suitable treatment option for your wisdom teeth removal needs.


Wisdom Tooth Removal...

Let us take the stress out of wisdom tooth removal, ask about sleep dentistry and other sedation options to keep you comfortable.

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