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Exploring All-On-4® Bridge Options

Posted on: May 8, 2024

3 minute read

If you have a large number of missing or failing teeth or you’re looking for an alternative to full dentures, All-On-4® dental implants could be a solution. Using the clinically proven All-On-4® treatment protocol, our accredited dentist in Perth, Dr David Norcross, can replace one or both arches of teeth with dental implants and fit a high quality bridge within days of surgery.

If you choose All-On-4® at Perth Dental Implant Centre, your new teeth will be custom-made by our skilled dental technician from high-quality materials that could last a number of years before they need to be replaced. Read this overview to find out more about All-On-4® bridge options and how they compare with implant-retained dentures. Got questions? Get in touch with us today, call 1300 108 133 or book directly with your nearest clinic.

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Our approach

Different dentists use different systems and approaches to All-On-4® dental implants and this affects the cost and experience of your treatment. Many dentists follow a two-stage approach where a patient is fitted with a temporary acrylic bridge after surgery. This requires a replacement bridge within 3 months of healing. Our single-stage approach to All-On-4® means that a patient can keep their first bridge after surgery for a number of years, saving you time, cost and promoting better healing of your implants.

First bridge after All-On-4® surgery

The first bridge our dentist will place over your new implants is made from strong titanium-reinforced acrylic. This can usually be fitted within 1–3 days of All-On-4® dental implants being placed.

We use a high-quality acrylic that can be adjusted as your mouth heals over time. It is customised to the shade and shape of your preference and can be easily repaired if damaged.

A titanium bar hidden inside the bridge gives it extra strength and protection and a longer lifespan compared to all-acrylic bridge used by some other dental clinics that usually need to be replaced within the same year. A titanium-reinforced bridge can last 2–5 years or longer, saving you the cost and hassle of replacing your bridge so soon.

Replacement bridge

With good care and occasional repairs, your initial titanium-acrylic bridge could last for several years, but following damage or normal wear and tear, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Once your mouth and jaw have healed, there are more options to choose from for a replacement All-On-4® bridge, depending on your needs and price range. All our bridges are reinforced with a titanium frame for added strength.

New titanium-reinforced acrylic bridge

Replacement titanium-acrylic bridges are designed with a visible polished titanium frame that is in contact with the gums. This bridge is easier to clean and promotes a hygienic environment under the bridge.

Choosing a new titanium-reinforced acrylic bridge allows you to wear your existing bridge while the new bridge is being manufactured, and you do not have to go without teeth.


Monolithic zirconia bridge

A step up from acrylic in both aesthetics and strength, these bridges are milled from a single block of zirconia in the shade of your choice. Also reinforced with titanium, a zirconia bridge can last around three times longer than an acrylic bridge.

Porcelain-layered zirconia bridge

Porcelain is a close match to natural tooth enamel in its reflective and translucent qualities. A porcelain-layered zirconia bridge can be indistinguishable from real teeth, while also benefiting from the strength of a titanium frame.

Remodelling an existing bridge

If the titanium frame of your original bridge is still in good condition, it may be possible to process new acrylic over the original frame rather than replacing the entire bridge. This can be a more affordable option, but the bridge will still be based on the old impressions, and you’ll temporarily be without teeth while they are being remodelled.

To find out more and discuss your All-On-4® bridge options, contact Dr Norcross today.

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Implant-retained dentures

There are times when a removable denture may be better suited to your needs than a fixed implant bridge, this is also an option with All-On-4® implants, though there is some waiting time involved. Implant-retained dentures can be fitted within 3–6 months of surgery, depending on the individual case, and you’ll need to wear full dentures during the healing period.

You may choose to replace both arches or only one arch with implant-retained dentures. Some of our patients find that they only need the extra support of implants for their lower dentures, though upper implant dentures can offer more lip support and other benefits.

Implant-retained dentures at Perth Dental Implant Centre are made from high-quality acrylic with a titanium bar for strength, though chewing function can be up to 30% less compared to those of a fixed bridge, and other material options aren’t available.

How long will my All-On-4® teeth last?

How long your implant bridge or dentures last will vary depending on the material they’re made from, how well you care for them and other factors, such as your biting forces and grinding or clenching habits. Average lifespans are around:

  • 2–5 years for an acrylic bridge
  • 10–15 years for a zirconia bridge

Some All-On-4® bridges placed more than 30 years ago still survive today.

How easy are they to clean and maintain?

It’s important to clean your bridge just as you would your natural teeth to remove plaque and prevent odours, though avoid using an abrasive toothpaste. Replacement bridges are easier to keep clean and hygienic than an initial bridge, due to their polished titanium frames.

Acrylic bridges are porous and more prone to staining and chipping than zirconia and porcelain bridges, though some minor damage may be able to be repaired rather than needing replacement. Their surface can also become rougher over time, harbouring more plaque.

How much do All-On-4® teeth cost?

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we’re transparent about our treatment prices and will make sure you have all the information you need about All-On-4® costs and what’s included when making your decisions.

Your initial titanium-acrylic bridge will be included in the price of your All-On-4® implant package. This costs from $21,000 per arch or $40,000 for both arches and includes the cost of genuine Nobel Biocare implants and abutments, surgery, clinical radiographs and 6 months of follow-up appointments.

When it comes to replacing your All-On-4® bridge, costs range from:

  • $5,500 to remodel an existing titanium-acrylic bridge
  • $8,500 for a new high-impact titanium-acrylic bridge
  • $9,500 for a milled zirconia bridge
  • $10,000 for a porcelain-layered zirconia bridge

Implant-retained dentures start from $10,000 for a lower implant-retained denture and removable upper denture or $20,000 for an upper implant-retained denture.

Bridge repair costs range from $350–$600 when needed and our All-On-4® bridges and implants are covered by a limited warranty*.

Book a consultation for All-On-4® in Perth

If you’re considering All-On-4® dental implants for teeth replacement in Perth, contact our local clinics to make an appointment with Dr Norcross and discuss your options. Call our treatment coordinator on 1300 108 133 with any questions.

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The total cost of All-On-4® dental implants includes the cost of the implants themselves as well as your first and subsequent sets of replacement teeth, implant surgery, diagnostics and other services such as dental sedation. There are also ongoing maintenance costs to expect, such as professional cleaning and bridge repairs as needed. How often your All-On-4® bridge needs to be replaced will vary depending on the type of bridge you choose and your oral hygiene, biting forces and lifestyle factors.

*5-year warranty covering Nobel Biocare dental implants; a 5-year warranty covering the titanium bar and a 2-year warranty covering acrylic teeth. This warranty is subject to attending scheduled implant reviews, six-monthly check-ups and hygiene maintenance appointments.

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