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Dental Implants Anxiety Dentists Near Me Kelmscott & East Vic Park

Dental Implants Anxiety Dentists Near Me Kelmscott & East Victoria Park

Are you thinking about replacing your teeth with dental implants, but worried about the procedure? Our dentists at Perth Dental Implant Centre will do everything we can to help you feel calm, relaxed and in control.

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Dental Implants Free from Anxiety in East Vic Park and Kelmscott

Dental implants are the best long-term solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth, but worries about the implant procedure can be a barrier for some people. Dental anxiety or fear of dentistry is one of the most common phobias among adults, but it shouldn’t prevent you from seeking treatment to restore your smile.

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, our team are sympathetic and understanding about dental implant fears. We’ll make sure you know what to expect at every stage of treatment and can discuss effective strategies for helping you to manage your feelings and feel calm and confident in the dentist’s chair.

To find out more and take the first step to overcoming your fear, call our dental implants anxiety dentists on 1300108133 to book at our Kelmscott or East Vic Park clinic.

What causes dental anxiety around implants?

Dental fear and anxiety may be caused by negative experiences with oral health problems or dental treatments in the past, or they may have a more generalised cause, such as:

  • Past experiences with other healthcare providers
  • Other traumatic experiences, including abuse or PTSD
  • Head or neck trauma
  • Generalised anxiety disorder

As the dental implant procedure involves minor surgery, it may trigger other anxieties, such as:

  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Fear of close contact or lack of personal space

Our dental implant anxiety dentists in Perth will talk through your experiences together and create a plan that avoids triggers as much as possible, so you can get your implants with minimal distress.

Why is managing dental anxiety important?

If fear of dentistry prevents you from seeking treatment for missing or badly decayed teeth, this could mean suffering from difficulties with eating or speech, increased oral health risks and other consequences.

For most patients, placing dental implants is a one-time commitment. Implants can last a lifetime when you follow your dentist’s advice during healing and recovery and take good care of your oral health to prevent problems such as gum disease.

It’s also important to keep up with regular dental visits so your dentist can catch problems early, before they cause harm. Our caring team at Perth Dental Implant Centre are committed to helping you conquer your fear and break the vicious cycle of anxiety so you can look forward to improved oral health and quality of life.

Dental fear stops with us

We use a range of techniques to help you feel calm and assured on every step of your dental implant journey, from distractions to take your mind off your treatment to relaxation exercises you can try at home or in the chair.

A dedicated treatment coordinator will make sure you know what to expect and provide recovery advice at every stage. After your implants and new teeth are placed, we also provide follow-up care and phone check-ins to make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

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Reducing anxiety with modern technology

If your ideas about dentistry are rooted in the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the equipment and surroundings of our modern dental clinic where we prioritise patient safety and comfort.

We ensure your implants are placed as accurately as possible by using 3D digital scanning software that allows us to take detailed virtual models of your mouth. This also avoids the need for messy physical moulds that some people find uncomfortable.

We also offer the option of digitally guided keyhole surgery for dental implants. This involves a faster treatment and healing time compared to conventional freehand surgery, as well as more predictable results.

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Sedation options for dental implant surgery

If you need more help to feel calm and relaxed during your implant surgery, talk to our dental anxiety dentists in Perth about the sedation methods we offer. These include:

  • Local anaesthetic or numbing gel
  • Oral sedation
  • Happy gas (Inhalation sedation available at East Vic Park)
  • Sleep dentistry (IV sedation)
  • General anaesthesia (in-day surgery)

We will assess your suitability for different types of sedation and make sure you understand their side effects, which may affect your recovery time from dental implant surgery.

Local anaesthetic or numbing gel

Prior to dental implant surgery, we administer local anaesthesia or a numbing gel to the part of your mouth being treated to block pain responses. The topical gel may be preferred if you have a fear of needles, or it may be combined with local anaesthesia if you require more pain relief.

Local anaesthesia is often combined with oral sedation, inhalation sedation or IV sedation for a stress-free and comfortable dental experience.

Oral sedation

Oral sedative tablets should be taken at our clinic an hour before your dental implant treatment is scheduled. You will be conscious but relaxed throughout your implant surgery. The effects of the sedatives can last for several hours, so you should not drive home after your appointment.

Happy gas (inhalation sedation)

Inhalation sedation, also known as happy gas may be requested for dental implant treatment from our East Vic Park clinic. You will remain awake and relaxed throughout your implant treatment.

Sleep dentistry (IV sedation)

Intravenous (IV) sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, may be requested if you want a deeper form of sedation. You will sleep through the entire duration of your surgery and wake up after implant treatment is complete. You should avoid driving for 24 hours after sleep dentistry.

General anaesthesia (in day surgery)

If you have more severe anxiety, or you’re having a more complex implant procedure, your treatment may be provided under general anaesthetic with assistance from qualified anaesthetists at Southbank Day Surgery in Perth. You will not be conscious while under general anaesthesia and should not drive for 48 hours after your appointment.

Dental implants anxiety dentists near me in East Victoria Park and Kelmscott

Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from improving your smile. If you have questions or you’re ready to take the first step on your dental implant journey, call our friendly team at Perth Dental Implant Centre or book a consultation with Dr David Norcross today.

Call 1300 108 133 to book at our Kelmscott or East Vic Park clinic.