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Dental Implant Prices – Perth WA

Dental implants can be the best long-term option for replacing missing or damaged teeth, but they also cost more than the alternatives upfront, and this is understandably a deterrent to some people.

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we’re transparent about dental implant prices. When you book a consultation with our dentists in Kelmscott or East Victoria Park, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about treatment.

Read this guide to find out what factors affect dental implant prices in Perth and WA, how much you can expect to pay and how you can save money on your implant treatment.

Are dental implants worth it?

If you’re missing any teeth, or your teeth are badly damaged or decayed, this could affect your ability to eat and speak normally, as well as your appearance and confidence. Without support, the teeth surrounding a gap may also start to go crooked and the jaw can start to shrink.

Dental implants aren’t the only option for replacing teeth, but they have unique advantages over the alternatives of dentures or a bridge.

• Bridges and dentures only replace a tooth above the gums, whereas implants replace the whole tooth down to the root. The implant bonds with the jaw to encourage new bone growth and prevent deterioration.

• A bridge or denture supported by an implant is also more stable and can feel more comfortable when eating and speaking. You won’t have to give up certain foods and can enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet.

• While your replacement tooth or teeth may still need to be replaced after a number of years, the implant itself can usually last a lifetime, making it a one-time investment in your oral health and quality of life.

What affects dental implant prices?

Dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the cost of implant treatment varies based on a number of factors. These include:

Type of implants

Different dental implant systems have different costs, depending on their quality and components. Our dentists at Perth Dental Implant Centre offer a choice of implant systems to replace single or multiple teeth, all approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

  • MIS Implants for single dental implants and small fixed implant bridges
  • Nobel Biocare for All-On-4 full mouth dental implants

Number and position of teeth

Dental implant prices naturally increase the more teeth you are having replaced, but their position in the mouth will also impact on their cost. For example, as the jaw bone is thinner towards the front of the mouth and typically softer in the upper jaw than the lower jaw. Replacing upper teeth may be more complex than lower teeth, and may require an additional procedure such as bone grafting.


Dental implants and abutments are made from biocompatible titanium, but replacement teeth may be made from a range of materials, all of which have different prices. These include zirconia or porcelain-layered zirconia for crowns and bridges, titanium-reinforced acrylic bridges and gold alloy crowns.

Implants for more visible front teeth can benefit from more aesthetically-pleasing and natural-looking materials, while teeth further back in the mouth must be strong enough to stand up to chewing and grinding forces.

Sedation costs

If you need a surgical procedure such as an extraction or bone grafting to build up a weak jaw or sedation for dental anxiety, these will add to the overall cost of your treatment plan. The cost depends on the type of sedation you require for example local anaesthetic is used for most common procedures however, intravenous sedation (sleep dentistry) and general anaesthesia can also be provided at our clinic.

Read more about the factors influencing dental implant treatment costs in our 3-minute blog Why Do Dental Implant Costs Vary?

Standard dental implant prices in Perth

Our dentists can only give you an accurate quote for your dental implant treatment after we have assessed your suitability and developed your treatment plan, but our pricing packages can give you an idea of what to expect and what your options are.

Single tooth implant from $4,250

Surgical placement of an individual MIS dental implant and abutment and custom zirconia crown, with the option to upgrade to a porcelain-layered zirconia crown or customised abutment at extra cost.

Fixed implant bridge from $7,500

Surgical placement of a3-unit fixed zirconia bridge supported by two titanium implants and abutments.

Upper implant retained denture from $20,000

Prices start from $20,000 for four Nobel Biocare dental implants and titanium abutments supporting an upper denture.

If implants are only needed for the lower jaw, prices for a full upper denture and implant-retained lower denture start from $10,000.

All-On-4® Full mouth dental implants from $21,000 per arch

Surgical placement of four Nobel Biocare dental implants per arch using the All-On-4® trademark protocol, supporting a titanium-reinforced high impact acrylic bridge. All clinical radiographs, 12 months of follow-up appointments and a 5-year warranty on the implants, titanium bar and 2-year warranty* on acrylic teeth are included.

*Warranty is subject to attending review appointments, 6-monthly check-ups and professional cleans.

Prices start from $21,000 per arch or $40,000 for both arches.

Other costs

All our dental implant price plans are inclusive of x-rays and 12 months of follow-up appointments as needed. Other costs that need to be considered as part of implant treatment with any dentist includes:

• Consultation ($70)– initial consultation and assessment with the surgeon to discuss your goals and options from dental implants

• 3D CBCT bone scan ($217)– detailed assessment of your jaw bone to determine your suitability for implant treatment

• Hospital and anaesthetist fees (varies)– paid directly to the anaesthetist and hospital

• Ongoing maintenance costs– ($350 – $550 single/both arches) teeth are checked and professionally cleaned every 6-12 months

• Routine x-rays ($217)– every 12-24 months to assess bone health around the implants

• Bridge repairs ($350 – $600)– as needed

• Bridge replacements ($5,500 – $10,000)– every 2 to 5 years on average for titanium-acrylic bridges and every 10 to 15 years on average for titanium-zirconia bridges. How often a bridge needs to be replaced relies on a patient’s biting forces, tooth grinding habits and how well teeth are maintained

Can I get help with dental implant costs?

Despite the cost of full mouth dental implants being similar to a hip or knee replacement, the cost of dental care in Australia is not covered by Medicare, however you may be able to claim back the cost of your consultation and associated costs, depending on your level of dental cover.

If you need some help managing your treatment costs or don’t want to delay your treatment until later, we offer a choice of interest-free payment plans with regular instalments that can be tailored to your circumstances. As a SuperCare provider, we can also help you to access superannuation funds early.

Risks of cheap dental implants abroad

Like any investment, you get what you pay for with dental implants. While dental implant prices in Perth are more expensive than those promoted by overseas clinics in developing countries such as Indonesia and Thailand, the risks of low-quality materials, underqualified surgeons, poor infection control standards and rushed procedures can significantly increase the likelihood of complications and poor results.

Read more about the risks of overseas dental implants.

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