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Dental Implants Perth

Dental Implants in Perth

Dental implants or teeth implants are the closest available solution to natural teeth that a dentist can provide. Nowadays, there is no need to live without missing teeth as dental implants are considered the gold standard of care for restoring your smile.

Teeth implants can replace a single tooth, several missing teeth or a full set of teeth. They can also help stabilise loosing fitting dentures, using implant-retained dentures, and be used to replace a failing tooth immediately after placing a new tooth.


Dental Implant Prices

Prices for replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants start from:

  • Single Tooth Implant from $4,250
  • 3-Unit Fixed Implant Bridge from $8,500
  • Upper Implant-Retained Denture from $20,000
  • All-On-4® Dental Implants from $21,000 or $40,000 for both


Why Choose Dental Implants


Living with damaged or badly decayed teeth can be devastating for some people. Damaged teeth can affect your ability to speak properly, chew food and can inhibit you from openly smiling.

Dental implants help to restore the function, strength and aesthetics to your smile, and they support the mouth in more ways than conventional dentures can.

Unlike dentures, dental implants act as tooth roots to stimulate the jaw bone when chewing food. This stimulation sends messages to the body to return back vital nutrients to the jaw bone to keep it strong, healthy and stop it from shrinking away.

Hear from one of our patients Rod, as he shares his story about restoring his smile with dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Offer excellent support and stability to replacement teeth
  • Look, feel and function just like natural teeth
  • Help to keep the jawbone healthy and prevent further bone loss
  • Provide strong biting forces for a more nutritional diet
  • Improve chewing ability to further aid digestion
  • Prevent a hollowed cheek or sagging facial appearance
  • Stop adjacent and opposing teeth from shifting into empty spaces causing misalignment
  • May help prevent receding gums
  • Do not require an additional care routine or cleaning products
  • Can last a very long time with proper care

Dental implants are made of titanium which is a biocompatible material that integrates and fuses to the jaw bone. This is a process known as osseointegration. The integrated implants then act as anchors to which your dentist can attach replacement teeth, such as a fixed implant bridge or a removable implant-retained denture.

Dental implants have a very high success rate. Over a twenty-year period, they have shown to be 96% successful in the lower jaw and 91% in the upper jaw where the bone tends to be softer.

Latest Techniques in Implant Dentistry

Our implant dentists at Perth Dental Implant Centre are experienced in the latest techniques in keyhole surgery (also known as 3D guided implant surgery) to safely and accurately place dental implants. Learn more about keyhole surgery to place dental implants with Dr Norcross below.

Placing single dental implants using keyhole surgery is a more predictable and less invasive treatment than the freehand surgery method. It typically also reduces surgery time, post-surgery discomfort and requires less recovery time.

Why Choose Us?


Dr David Norcross is the founder of Perth’s dedicated implant clinic, Perth Dental Implant Centre and has been restoring patients’ smiles using dental implants since 2009.

Dr Norcross’ experience spans over a decade of cases and advanced implant dentistry courses, including a Master Clinician in Implant Dentistry Programme gaining certificates from the Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE) and UCLA.

We provide high-quality All-On-4® dental implants using a single-stage approach that helps patients save time and money. We’re also one of only a handful of All-On-4® Centres of Excellence across Australia. This designation demonstrates our surgical experience and completed training in All-On-4® techniques using genuine Nobel BioCare dental implants.  Learn more about our approach and treatment processes. Alternatively, to view our patient outcomes, visit our gallery.


Sleep Through Dental Implant Surgery

If you feel nervous about the thought of dental treatment, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that every 1 in 7 Australian adults have high dental fear.

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we provide a range of sedation options including local anaesthetic, sleep dentistry and general anaesthetic for many treatments including dental implants. So, you can sleep through surgery and wake up with a brand new smile.

We provide sleep dentistry with the help of a specialist GP anaesthetist at our clinics and can also provide treatment under general anaesthetic at Southbank Day Surgery.


Book with Perth Dental Implant Centre Today

The team at Perth Dental Implant Centre are passionate about providing high quality missing teeth solutions that patients can afford to maintain throughout their lifetime.

We operate out of two locations in Kelmscott and East Victoria Park. To make an enquiry or to book a consultation to see if dental implant treatment is right for you, contact our team today.

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we are preferred provider for HBF, HCF and Bupa and accept all major health funds. We also provide a range of flexible payment plan options, including Zip,  Afterpay and SuperCare – Early Access to Superannuation to help you access treatment when you need it.


Frequently asked questions

To accurately check if you have enough bone available to place dental implants, we take a detailed 3D x-ray known as a CBCT scan. This is similar to a CT scan but with a much lower dose of radiation. This shows us exactly how much bone you have and where vital structures such as nerves, sinuses and other tooth roots are. We can then ensure that when placing the implant there is no risk of the implant damaging these structures. We believe that a dental implant should not be placed without first carefully assessing a 3D bone scan. The cost of a 3D bone scan is $217.

At the Perth Dental Implant Centre, we have in-house 3D scanners at both of our clinics and can tell you on the day of your consultation, saving you time and money.

Teeth can be lost because of wider health issues or dental trauma, but in most cases, it is preventable when you’re aware of what harms them, like a poor diet, tooth decay, gum disease and bad oral habits:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet that’s low in sugar and starch
  • Follow a good oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice daily, flossing between teeth and visiting the dentist regularly
  • Protect your mouth on sports field by wearing a custom mouthguard
  • Protect your teeth from grinding by wearing a night splint
  • Avoid using teeth for opening bottle caps or plastic packets

It’s recommended that you replace your missing tooth as soon as possible. A missing tooth can affect your speech, the way you chew and subsequently your diet and nutrition, it can cause teeth alignment issues, jaw bone loss and may even cause gums to recede.

Yes, but only so much as they restore your facial shape to appear natural again. Dental implants restore a sunken appearance by supporting the jaw bone and filling in the cheeks, lips and stopping the nose and chin from coming closer together.

The amount and quality of jaw bone into which we can place a dental implant differs depending on the location within the mouth.

For example, jaw bone at the front of the mouth is typically much thinner, which adds complexity to treatment in order to achieve a successful result. Aesthetics is particularly important when it comes to replacing teeth in the front of the mouth, because they’re more visible when you smile, this also factors into treatment complexity and cost.

Teeth at the back of the mouth are hidden and are typically supported by more bone, which can make treatment easier. Following a 3D bone scan we can fully assess your circumstances and come up with a unique treatment plan for the best results.

When a tooth is removed, the surrounding bone can shrink or erode. The degree of erosion varies depending on the area in the mouth. It’s different for each individual, depending on the anatomy of the tooth and the bone.

Following a full assessment and 3D bone scan, we can advise whether you have enough jaw bone to support dental implants. If there isn’t enough bone, we can create more with bone grafting. This procedure takes place during first stage dental implant surgery.

There are a variety of tooth materials that can be used to make a single tooth, known as a crown or row of teeth, known as a bridge. The tooth materials we use include:

  • Titanium-reinforced acrylic (Bridges only)
  • Zirconia
  • Porcelain layered zirconia

Tooth material is an important cost component when it comes to dental implants. A back tooth needs to be strong enough to withstand chewing cycles, while a front tooth will require a higher quality and aesthetically natural material.

There may be a period of time when we need to leave your dental implants to heal before we can design the final tooth or implant bridge. We’re able to provide you with a number of different temporary tooth options with different costs.

It depends on whether any teeth need removing and also the condition of the gums and jawbone quality. There are different ways we manage a tooth that needs to be removed. Sometimes we may remove the tooth and wait 2-3 months before placing a dental implant. Other times, we will remove a tooth, place a bone graft material to preserve the bone, then wait longer to place the dental implant. In some cases, we may even be able to place the dental implant at the same time we remove the tooth.

Discovering which option is best for you depends on a wide variety of circumstances and each option has varying costs. The most important thing is to give the patient a successful and long-term outcome. We need to fully assess your mouth and 3D scan before we can decide on the best option for you.


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