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We offer a wide range of denture solutions to suit each and every individual, whether you require a denture to replace some or all of your teeth.

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Custom Dentures in Perth


While dental implants are recommended by our dentists for their durable and natural-looking aesthetics, they may not be suitable for everyone. Dentures may be a good treatment alternative. Our denture solutions include:


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What Are Dentures?


Dentures are removable plates fixed with acrylic teeth and are a suitable option for those who are looking for an alternative to dental implants. Dentures are more affordable than dental implants and can replace all teeth (full dentures made of acrylic) or just some teeth (partial dentures made of either acrylic or cobalt chrome).

Treatment Process


Replacing all missing teeth with full dentures is a simple process.


  • We first take impressions of your mouth that are used to design your dentures
  • We arrange a follow-up appointment when your dentures are ready
  • We fit your denture and make any adjustments

Immediate Dentures

If you need teeth to be extracted before having your denture placed, we may recommend immediate dentures. This is where we’ll place a denture in the same appointment as having your teeth extracted. We take impressions over your natural teeth before removing them and fitting a denture.

Immediate dentures are intended as a temporary measure while your mouth heals. We wait for swelling to reduce and for your mouth to completely heal before making any adjustments.

Disadvantages to Wearing Dentures


Dentures serve the same purpose as dental implants, they don’t involve surgery and they’re more affordable to maintain. However, dentures do have disadvantages. Anyone who has worn dentures for a long time will know how challenging it can be to eat and talk with them. Here are some of the other disadvantages to note:


  • Lower dentures offer very little suction and can dislodge easily
  • Upper dentures cover the entire palate and limit the ability to taste food
  • Dentures cause jaw bone shrinkage over time
  • Dentures require relining or replacing every 2 to 5 years
  • Can rub on gums causing pressure sores
  • Can damage adjacent teeth
  • Put you at higher risk of developing gum disease
  • Don’t look, feel or function as naturally as dental implants
  • Can get lost or be broken
  • Have to be removed for cleaning and left out at night

Many of the problems listed above are avoided by using dental implants to stabilise and retain a denture.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures (or overdentures) can be a popular treatment option for improving denture retention and function for existing denture-wearers. They easily clip on and off denture abutments, providing a more practical and affordable alternative to full mouth implant bridges.

Compare the pros and cons to each treatment option in our blog Dentures vs Implant-Retained Dentures vs Full Mouth Implant Bridges.

How to Care For Dentures


Wearing dentures for the first time can take some getting used to, especially full dentures. Dentures require a simple cleaning routine each day, using a denture cleaning solution and water, and must be left out overnight to avoid plaque build-up. It’s also important to keep your gums and any remaining teeth as clean as possible.

During your regular check-ups, we check your denture in case a reline or adjustment is needed and can assist with repairs in the event of chipping or a fracture.

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Frequently asked questions

A full denture will typically require a hard reline by your dentist every two years on average, to keep it fitting well and functional. If you experience sore spots or tender gums, a soft reline may help to provide some comfort and relief. A soft reline creates a barrier between the denture and the soft tissues, absorbing shock between the two.

Your dentist will take scans of your mouth to create impressions (moulds) for your full or partial denture to be designed. A dental technician designs your denture then sends it back to your dentist for a trial fit appointment. During your fit appointment, you try in the denture to assess its fit and appearance. Adjustments to the shape and colour are then made by a dental technician or prosthetist before your final denture is ready to wear.

A denture is a removable prosthesis of acrylic teeth that rests on the gums and is held in place by suction. Dentures can be a suitable treatment alternative when dental implants are not a viable solution. Dentures can replace all teeth (full dentures) or just some teeth (partial dentures).


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