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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Perth

Looking for Dentures in Perth?

Achieving that bright, white smile can be a struggle for those who may have missing teeth which is why our team at Perth Dental Implant Centre are here to help. There are many options when it comes to replacing single or multiple teeth, however each solution has varying benefits. Anyone who wears full upper or lower dentures would know how difficult it is to eat and talk as these dentures often move around. Although this can be irritating at times, there is a better, more efficient solution. You may not be aware that loose dentures can be stabilised using dental implants which aim to reduce denture movement and give you that beautiful, bright smile you’ve only dreamed of. At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we offer implant supported dentures to a wide range of patients looking for a solution to missing teeth.

Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are like most other dentures in the sense that they are removable frames or plates holding one or more artificial teeth. Implants are placed into the bone under the gum and left for a period of 3 months to heal. The existing denture is modified with a soft material while the implant bonds to the bone. After the implants are integrated, attachments are placed which clip onto the dentures holding them in place.

Choosing this type of denture can yield many benefits over regular, loose dentures (or implant bridges) including:

  • Improved speech
  • Improved nutrition given the ability to consume a wider range of foods
  • Fewer pressure sores and irritation as a result of loose dentures
  • More secure denture fit
  • Increased confidence when eating and talking without the fear of your dentures slipping
  • Implants remove the need for costly and messy denture adhesives

This type of denture is suitable for patients who have lost all (or most) of their teeth and do not have enough bone to help retain the denture. Over time, the bone of patients who have lost teeth will start to deteriorate, causing the facial structure to gradually collapse. Implant supported dentures help to preserve the facial structure by preventing bone shrinkage and keeping bone tissue strong.

Another downfall of loose dentures is their lack of stability in the mouth. This is particularly the case with full lower dentures which can often slip when talking – an embarrassing, yet common incident. Implant supported dentures can help to stabilise dentures and prevent this from happening.

Regular dentures can also restrict your diet and nutrition. Not being able to eat certain foods can have a large impact on nutrition and the health of the denture wearer. Those who choose to undergo treatment for dentures in Perth can enjoy many lifestyle and health benefits, most of which could not be achieved by regular dentures.

A More Affordable & Efficient Solution

We believe our implant supported dentures in Perth (or ‘overdentures’) are a sufficient solution for anyone seeking to restore both their smile and full mouth functionality. As opposed to regular dentures, which sit on the gums of the mouth, implant supported dentures require dental implants and are more permanent fixtures. This not only allows you to once again eat, chew and talk more effectively, but it can also be a more affordable treatment option than full mouth implant bridges or loose dentures.

The number of implants needed to support your denture will depend on the quality of your bone and your desired retention. In some cases, it may be possible to use just one dental implant for support, reducing the costs associated with multiple implants and providing a more cost-effective solution to loose dentures.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective, practical solution to missing teeth, talk to our team at Perth Dental Implant Centre. With two practices conveniently located in both Kelmscott and East Victoria Park, you’re sure to find a clinic near you. Our experienced implant dentist, Dr David Norcross, can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your oral health and answer any questions you may have. To book an appointment with Perth Dental Implant Centre, please contact us today.

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