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How to Choose The Right Dentist for Implants

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Dental Implants

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When it comes to dental implant treatment, it’s important to find a professional who you can trust has your best interests at heart. Finding a dentist you feel comfortable with can make getting implants less intimidating.

Whether you’ve moved to a new area, you’re unhappy with your current dentist or you need someone with reputable dental implant experience, here are 8 things to look for in a dentist and dental clinic.

1. QIP accredited dentist

A quick way to check the reputation of a dental practice is to see whether the clinic and its staff are QIP accredited.

Perth Dental Implant Centre QIP Dental Practice AccreditedQIP (Quality Innovation Performance) works with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) to define national standards that dentists should meet, in line with National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

Assessment for QIP accreditation is voluntary, but it shows that a practice is committed to patient safety and continuous quality improvement, so you’ll know that your dental implant treatment is in safe hands.

2. Qualifications and experience

Dr David Norcross Implant Dentistry Qualifications

Placing dental implants is one of the more complex dental procedures, requiring a high level of expertise. Since standard dental degrees don’t cover dental implants, dentists who offer implant treatments must complete additional training in order to be qualified.

Dental implants are not a registered specialty field in Australia, meaning anyone with any amount of experience can provide them. That’s why it’s important to check that your dentist has completed the additional training and has adequate experience providing successful implant surgeries, so you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands.

It’s also worth noting that while many dentists describe themselves as implant dentists, the Australian Dental Association does not recognise this title as a specialty field. All implant dentists are general dentists, unless they hold a specialist registration.

3. Infection control measures

Infection control measuresThe coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of infection control measures in all healthcare facilities, but this should always be a priority in dental clinics, especially when oral surgery is being performed.

As a patient, you need to feel confident that visiting the dentist for check-ups or treatments won’t put your health at risk. It’s the clinic’s responsibility to do everything they can to prevent the transmission of infections and diseases.

All registered dentists in Australia are legally required to follow mandatory infection control guidelines set by the Dental Board of Australia.
Unfortunately, many overseas dentists aren’t held to the same high standards, and Australians who head abroad for cheap dental implants are at higher risk of complications from surgery. That’s why the ADA and other health bodies strongly discourage dental tourism, which can work out more expensive and damaging if something goes wrong.

(Want to learn more about dental tourism? Read our blog: Are Overseas Dental Implants Safe?)

4. Latest technology

Cone Beam CT Scans at Perth Dental Implant CentreDental equipment and technology are advancing all the time, and clinics that stay up-to-date with these developments can offer improved results, comfort and safety to their patients.

If you’re having a more complex treatment such as dental implants, it’s worth checking whether your dentist uses 3D imaging systems and surgical guides that offer a more detailed impressions of the mouth to enable more precise treatment planning. You should also check the quality of dental implant systems and tooth materials used and whether these are backed up by clinical research.

5. Personalised care

How to known you've chosen the right dentist

A good dentist shows genuine care for their patients’ oral health, comfort and safety. Their recommendations should be tailored to your specific needs and work within your budget, not trying to upsell treatments you can’t afford, with comprehensive aftercare helping to make sure you get the best results from your dental implant treatment.

You should get an idea of your dentist’s personality and chairside manner during your consultation. If you have specific concerns such as dental anxiety, your dentist should be able to offer solutions such as inhalation sedation, sleep dentistry or treatment under general anaesthetic to help you get the care you need.

6. Answers your questions

Your dentist should give you all the information you need about what the dental implant procedure involves so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

They should give you a clear and realistic idea of what to expect during and after the treatment, and be upfront about costs and any complications or side effects that may be involved. They should also be willing to answer questions about dental implant system options and how long tooth materials can last so you’ll be able to make fully informed decisions for yourself.

7. Transparent pricing and assistance

Dental implant costs and inclusions vary by the complexity of the treatment, the type of implants used, tooth materials used, additional treatments needed for a successful outcome (like bone grafting or gum lifts) and other factors, but you need to have a good idea of what a treatment will cost before you take the next step. Dental implant treatment is about being able to maintain your new teeth for life, this means replacements, repairs, relines and regular professional cleaning.

Your dentist should be transparent about pricing and the quote you receive should include all associated costs (including maintenance costs) so you won’t have any surprises later.

If you need some help financing your treatment, check whether the clinic is a preferred provider for your health fund and what costs can be claimed on private health insurance. You can also ask if they offer interest-free payment plans that can help to make upfront costs easier to manage.

8. Location

Finally, you should also check the locations that your dentist operates from, to make sure they’re convenient to visit, and see whether their website includes information about public transport and parking nearby.

Dental implants in Perth

If you’re missing one or more teeth and considering dental implants, Perth Dental Implant Centre operates out of three convenient locations in Perth: Kelmscott Dental in Kelmscott, EVP Dental in Victoria Park and Mount Lawley Dental Clinic.

Dr David Norcross (BChD) has 15 years’ experience in advanced restorable, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Having completed an Advanced Restorative Course at the North of England Dental Academy, a course in Implant Dentistry accredited by the British Academy of Dental Implantology and a Master Clinician in Implant Dentistry Programme gaining certificates from the Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE) and UCLA.

Extensive training, skills and passion for implant dentistry, coupled with positive patient outcomes has earned Dr Norcross a favourable reputation as one of Perth’s best dentists placing implants. Read more about Dr Norcross here.

To find out more about our dental implant treatments, or to book a consultation with Dr David Norcross, call our clinic in Kelmscott on (08) 9495 7999 or East Victoria Park on (08) 9470 3944. You can also book online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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