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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs

At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality treatment that you can afford to maintain throughout your lifetime. We’re transparent about wisdom tooth extraction prices and can explain all the risks and benefits for each wisdom tooth removal treatment option.

There is no need for a referral for Wisdom Tooth extraction at Perth Dental Implant Centre. We have the necessary dentists on-site to oversee this process from start to finish. We can also request any already captured X-Rays from the place of service, or if necessary we can take these at your Wisdom Tooth Extraction appointment.

The wisdom tooth removal costs will be impacted by the complexity of the issues that are unique to you. For example, some patients may require a 3D scan if their wisdom teeth are close to nerves or severely impacted. Perth Dental Implant Centre has an onsite scanner and can complete these services for a cost of $195.

Less complex removals will likely be able to be completed in-chair, thereby negating hospital and anaesthetic intervention, and substantially reducing your wisdom tooth removal cost, making your treatment more affordable. There are a range of sedation options available to fit your preference and wisdom tooth removal cost budgets. So, how much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost in Australia?

Wisdom tooth extraction costs can range up to $600 per tooth in more complex scenarios. Yearly dental fee surveys are completed in Australia, and in 2020 this cost could be as much as $2,322 under local anaesthetic in-chair.

As you could imagine, wisdom tooth removal costs could be much more under general anaesthetic, ranging anywhere from $1,500 to $3000 per wisdom tooth extraction. This choice of wisdom tooth removal will require a specialist, hence the increased costs involved.

The process by which Perth Dental Implant Centre conducts its Wisdom Tooth Removals is highlighted below.

For an accurate quote, book a consultation so we can take diagnostics and assess your suitability for dental implants.

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