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More comfortable and supporting than suction dentures
Implant-Retained Dentures

5 Reasons to Consider Implant-Retained Dentures

Posted on: August 9, 2022

3 minute read

If you need to replace all of your teeth, or you’re looking for something more supportive than conventional dentures, your dentist may recommend implant-retained dentures as an option to consider.

This treatment involves placing two or more dental implants in one or both jaws to provide support for full dentures. Your dentures will still be removable, but clip on to the implants rather than relying on suction to stay in place.

Below we provide five reasons why implant-retained dentures may be preferred over standard dentures or a fixed dental implant bridge. Got a question about implant-retained dentures? Contact our team today.

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1. More comfort and support than full suction dentures

More comfortable and supporting than suction dentures

If you’re an existing denture-wearer you may be familiar with the challenges of loose-fitting dentures that can rub and slip out of place from time to time. Even well-fitted dentures can become loose over time.

Constant rubbing and irritation from dentures can cause pain, headaches and recurring infections. Dental implants help to stabilise dentures and prevent many of the problems associated with suction dentures.

Implant-retained dentures clip securely onto implant abutments, so they won’t come loose and won’t require messy adhesives to keep them in place.


2. Improvements to eating and speech

Dental implants are secured in the jaw like natural tooth roots, which can make dentures feel more natural and increase your biting forces. As implant dentures are not stuck to the roof of the mouth, they also won’t affect your ability to taste food and drink or affect your speech like standard dentures can.

With improved chewing comes the ability to enjoy a variety of nutritional foods that sustain our bodies and support a healthier digestive system.


3. Help prevent bone loss

Help prevent bone loss

Unlike suction dentures, dental implants mimic the function of natural tooth roots and help stimulate the jaw bone when chewing food. This function helps to prevent bone loss and shrinkage that can cause a sunken or prematurely-aged appearance following tooth loss.


4. More affordable than a fixed implant bridge

Implant-supported dentures can be cheaper than a fixed solution like a full fixed implant bridge, especially if you have an existing lower denture that is suitable for converting into an implant denture.

Even after you complete treatment, you’ll find that implant-retained dentures are easier to maintain and cheaper to repair than a fixed bridge, as they are removable.


5. More lip support than an implant bridge

Full mouth dental implant bridges have some advantages over implant-retained dentures, but one downside is that the slimline design of a fixed bridge offers less support for the lips. The greater thickness and flange of dentures help to support the lips and can improve their appearance.

Not sure which option is right for you? Book an implant consultation with Dr Norcross today.

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Types of implant-retained dentures

Types of implant-retained dentures

There are two types of attachments used to secure a denture to dental implants. Your dentist may recommend one option over another depending on the number of dental implants required, their location in the mouth (lower or upper jaw) and your desired retention.

  • Ball attachments – the most common type of attachment that comes in various shapes and sizes and offers excellent retention and durability
  • Bar attachment – this option offers superior strength and can provide better support to an upper implant-retained denture where the jaw bone tends to be softer

Dentures may be supported by two or more dental implants, depending on jaw bone quality and the desired retention. A denture retained by one or two dental implants will still experience some movement but offer greater stability than conventional dentures can.


What to expect with implant-retained dentures

Implant-Retained Denture

If you’re interested in implant-retained dentures, your dentist will explain what treatment involves and the pros and cons of dentures, so you can decide if they are the best option for you.

Dental implant treatment involves a two-stage surgery to place implants in one or both jaws. It can take three to six months for the implants to fully bond with your jaw bone once placed, during which time your dentist will provide you with temporary dentures to wear. Once dental implants have properly healed, your dentist will attach abutments during a second minor surgery for dentures to clip on to.

If you already have dentures, it may be possible to convert these to attach to implants. If you need new dentures, these will be custom made by a prosthetist and checked and adjusted by your dentist if necessary to make sure they fit comfortably.


Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Sleep and sedation dentistry for dental implants

While dental implant treatment can be provided under local anaesthesia, you may choose to be put to sleep during your surgery. Sleep dentistry can be a suitable option for complex treatment, or if you are anxious about surgery.

Sleep dentistry involves intravenous (IV) sedation in the dental chair which is administered by a qualified GP anaesthetist who monitors your vital signs throughout the procedure and gently wakes you after surgery. In addition to IV sedation, you’ll also receive a local anaesthetic to completely numb pain.

Many of the triggers that can be associated with dental anxiety are removed as you sleep through treatment in a relaxed state of semi-consciousness and awake with little to no recollection of the procedure.


Implant-retained dentures in Perth

If you want to know more about implant-supported dentures and other treatments for replacing missing teeth, book a consultation with our experienced implant dentist Dr David Norcross at your local Perth Dental Implant Centre to discuss your options.

Book an appointment at our Kelmscott or East Vic Park clinic by calling 1300 108 133. You can also ask Dr Norcross a question directly.

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