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Consequences of Tooth Loss

Bone & Tooth loss and ageing

A tooth may be lost as a result of trauma, dental decay, gum disease or may never have formed within the mouth

Missing teeth can cause embarrassment, a loss of confidence and can reduce the ability to chew and speak properly. Correct chewing is our first process for digesting food and is an essential part of a persons overall health.

The teeth surrounding a missing tooth can drift into the space and the tooth opposite may grow into the space (known as over-eruption)

When a tooth is lost the bone around the tooth loses its function and will start to resorb (erode) away. This can result in a change in shape of the jaw bone and the face

Dental Implants replace the function of the tooth root and transmit forces from chewing through the implant into the jaw bone. This stimulates the bone and keeps it vital preventing it from resorbing away.

Tooth Over Eruption