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False Teeth | Perth Dental Implant Centre

False Teeth

If you have missing or badly decayed teeth, replacing them with dentures or false teeth can restore your smile, correct issues with eating or speech and support the surrounding teeth. Dental prosthetics have come a long way, and modern false teeth can look and feel just like real teeth.

False Teeth Options in Perth

If you’re considering replacing teeth, our dentists at Perth Dental Implant Centre will explain what treatments we offer so you can decide what’s best for your needs and your price range. These may include:

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Modern False Teeth Perth

Modern dentures are a far cry from those of the past and can be an affordable alternative to dental implants. Full dentures are made of acrylic and attached to a plate that rests on the roof of the mouth or over the lower gum. Partial dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic or cobalt chrome that are attached to the healthy teeth on either side.

Meet Our Experienced Prosthetist

If you choose our clinic for removable or permanent false teeth, Perth Dental Implant Centre’s resident prosthetist Donagh McDonagh has over 30 years of experience designing custom solutions for all patient needs.

Your dentures will be made from high-impact acrylic and designed for a close and comfortable fit. We’ll make sure you know all of your false teeth options and what they involve so you can make a fully informed decision.

How Are False Teeth Made?

Creating your custom dentures usually involves two visits to our dental clinic.

On your first visit, our dentists will take impressions of your mouth. Our prosthetist will then use these to design your false teeth for a seamless and comfortable fit.

When your replacement teeth are ready, we’ll call you back for a fitting appointment to check that they feel comfortable and make any adjustments needed.

Temporary False Teeth

If you’re having any teeth extracted and replaced, we will recommend waiting for your mouth to heal before we take impressions and create your dentures, otherwise they won’t fit properly and could be painful.

To maintain your bite and smile, we can provide temporary false teeth known as immediate dentures at the same time as your teeth are extracted. These will not be as strong as your final dentures, so they need to be treated with care.

What to Expect with False Teeth

Modern false teeth replace all the functions of natural teeth, but it can take from a few weeks to a few months to get used to how they feel in your mouth, especially in the case of removable false teeth. During the adjustment period, you may notice:

  • Reduced taste, in the case of upper dentures that cover the palate
  • Changes in speech, which are usually only temporary
  • Sore gums from the pressure of dentures
  • Lower dentures may sometimes feel loose due to less suction

These issues may be reduced or avoided altogether if you choose more permanent false teeth, such as dentures supported by dental implants.

False Teeth Implants

If you don’t like the idea of dentures held in place by suction or resting on your gum, implant-retained dentures could be a more convenient alternative. Removable false teeth easily attach to abutments on implants which can support partial dentures or full dentures in the case of full mouth dental implants.

False teeth implants also help to avoid other common denture problems, such as preventing shrinking of the jaw bone, and are less likely to be lost or damaged.

Caring for False Teeth

False teeth need to be kept clean just like natural teeth, to prevent bacteria from building up on their surfaces that can lead to problems such as gum disease and bad breath.

Removable false teeth should be taken out at night and thoroughly cleaned using a denture cleaning solution and water. Full dentures will also usually need relining every 2 to 5 years if they feel loose or become damaged.

Our dentists will check the condition of your dentures when you visit us for your regular check-ups and we’ll recommend if a reline, repairs or replacements are needed.

Book a Consultation for False Teeth in Perth

To find out more about your options for removable and permanent false teeth, Perth Dental Implant Centre has two convenient locations in Kelmscott and East Victoria Park. Call 1300 108 133 to book at our Kelmscott or East Vic Park clinic or book online.

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Natural-Looking False Teeth

Our dental implants and false teeth at Perth Dental Implant Centre are custom made to be a comfortable fit and to work in harmony with your smile and facial structure.