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Full Mouth Implants Just South of the River

Full Mouth Implant Bridges / All-On-4 ®

If you’re missing multiple teeth or require a whole new set of teeth, full mouth implant bridges may be the right solution for you. Also known as “All-On-4®” or “full dental implants”, full mouth implant bridges is a specialised procedure whereby a patient can have all of their missing teeth replaced with a new set of teeth supported by only 4 implants. Full mouth implant bridges are one of the popular forms of dental implants among Perth patients as they not only provide an alternative solution to dentures, but they are perfect for those who may be missing all or most of their teeth or who may be suffering from advanced gum disease.

In addition to being permanent, long lasting and natural looking, the All-On-4® technique is a cost and time effective way of administering a full set of fixed replacement teeth and can generally be fitted in as little as 1-3 days!

The term “implant” refers to the small, screw-shaped posts placed into the bone which are used to replace the root of a missing tooth and fix the bridge and new teeth to the mouth. This posts are made from titanium as it has the unique ability to enable a process known as osseo-integration. This allows both the bone and implant to fuse, making the it sturdy, reliable and more life-like.


How Does All-On-4® Work?

Previously, multiple implants would be required to support a full set of new teeth (i.e. one implant per tooth), which often involved complex bone grafting procedures and subsequently resulted in a higher cost to the patient. The development of the All-On-4® technique now requires only 4 dental implants placed in a way which avoids the need for bone grafting. These 4 dental implants are then used to support a whole set of teeth for either the upper or lower jaw.

After removing any remaining teeth, the 4 implants are placed around the mouth and are angled at 45 degrees to avoid implicating vital structures. Impressions of both the gums and jaw are taken at the time of surgery where they will then be used to fabricate a bridge. Lastly, this bridge can then be attached to the implant 24-48 hours later, giving you a brand-new set of teeth and full smile within 3 days!


All On Four Full Dental Implant All On Four Full Dental Implant Final Result


Advantages of All-On-4®

If you have no teeth, suffer from loose dentures or your remaining teeth are unhealthy and will be lost in the future, dental implants may be the solution for you. There are many benefits associated with full dental implants including:

  • Natural, comfortable and fully fixed teeth that look, feel and act as though they’re real
  • Improved functioning including chewing, eating and drinking
  • Significant health and nutritional benefits – stemming from being able to eat more nutrient rich foods
  • Long lasting – if maintained with good oral hygiene, implants will serve their owner for life.
  • Fewer implants – only 4 implants are required as multiple missing teeth can be fitted to a single implant
  • May remove the need for bone grafting procedures as less implants are needed
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fast treatment time – usually a new smile is achieved within 1-3 days
  • Tried and tested techniques with good success rates
  • Healthy, natural looking smile


The Process

Step 1: Initial Appointment & Consultation
Step 2: Treatment Planning & Impressions
Step 3: Surgery & Removal of Unhealthy Teeth
Step 4: Aesthetic Try-On & Adjustments
Step 5: Final Checks & Teeth Attachment
Step 6: Maintenance & Follow Up Appointments



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