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Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom Tooth Removal Kelmscott PerthWisdom teeth are your third set of molar teeth and for some reason many of us don’t have enough room in our mouths for them. Some say that this is due to changes in our diet over the last few centuries.

The wisdom teeth often become trapped behind the second molar teeth, as there is not enough room for them to erupt into the mouth. They can cause pain and infection, and they can also damage the teeth in front of them.

Sometimes it’s wise to have the wisdom teeth removed before they cause problems. At Perth Dental Implant Centre, our dentists can provide wisdom teeth removal right here in Perth. Our experienced dental surgeons can assess your mouth and advise you if it is best to have your wisdom teeth removed.

If you opt to undergo wisdom teeth removal with us, we’ll ensure your procedure is as pain-free as it can possibly be, so you have a comfortable experience. We’ll work with you to see whether you can have your wisdom teeth removed in-chair under a local anaesthetic or sedation, or in hospital under a general anaesthetic.

We often get asked a lot of questions about wisdom teeth and whether they need to be removed. To help answer your main concerns we have compiled our most frequently asked questions below. For more specific information or, to book an appointment for a wisdom teeth removal consultation with Dr David Norcross at Perth Dental Implant Centre, contact us today.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQs

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

The cost of having your wisdom teeth removed depends on whether you opt to have them removed in-chair at our Kelmscott or East Victoria Park locations or, whether you remove them under general anaesthetic at a Perth hospital. To find the costs of your wisdom teeth removal contact us for an initial consultation.

Can I get my wisdom teeth removed in the chair or do I need surgery?

Many wisdom teeth will require some form of surgery to remove. At our practices in East Victoria Park and Kelmscott, we offer several options. If the procedure is straightforward and the patient is not anxious, we may be able to extract wisdom teeth by numbing the patient with local anaesthetic in the dental chair. For those that are anxious, we can arrange IV sedation (sometimes called sleep dentistry or twilight) to be administered by a doctor and the procedure can be performed in the dental chair.

We have regular bookings at Southbank day surgery in South Perth where we can perform the surgery under general anaesthetic with an Anaesthetist. This is often the preferred choice for the patients that we see.

How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

The recovery period for wisdom teeth extraction varies for every patient. Often it can take several days and for more severe cases there can be swelling and discomfort for a week or more. We will discuss the likely recovery period for you prior to your wisdom teeth extraction and provide comprehensive guidance on how to best care for your wounds post-surgery.

How do I know I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Each person’s wisdom teeth can be quite different and can appear in many different positions. It may be that the wisdom teeth are buried so far under the gums that they will never cause an issue. Or it may be that you do have enough room for them, and you are able to keep them clean and do not need to have them removed.

The best way to find out whether wisdom teeth extraction is right for you would be to have a dental examination and full mouth x-ray at one of our clinics in Perth, to check their position. In most cases wisdom teeth may eventually cause issues such as tooth and nerve decay which would then result in a root canal. At Perth Dental Implant Centre, we tend to take a more proactive approach and advise having wisdom teeth removed before they cause an issue, to avoid further treatments, discomfort and pain but, ultimately it is the patents choice.

When should you have wisdom teeth removed?

As a rough guide, most people need their wisdom teeth removed anywhere between 15 and 25 years of age depending on the development of the teeth. But some people may find that they do not have issues with their wisdom teeth until later in life. We like to remove them before they start causing problems so that we can plan a suitable time for the patient that does not interfere with life events such as exams or work commitments.