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Several Missing Teeth Perth

Implant Bridge for several missing teeth

If you are missing several teeth, your existing teeth and jaws are working overtime to chew food, speak and breathe. It’s common for existing teeth to wear down unnecessarily, move into the gap and for the jawbone to deteriorate. This can lead to eventual bone loss over time. To prevent further damage and dental problems down the track, it is important to close any gaps and restore your missing teeth.

Perth Dental Implant Centre’s principal dentist Dr David Norcross takes a holistic approach to dentistry addressing how your oral health impacts overall health. Dr Norcross is highly skilled in replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles. After a thorough examination, Dr Norcross will explain the best possible treatment options to restore your smile and tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

When you visit Perth Dental Implant Centre, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive holistic and personalised care.

Implants For Missing Teeth

The number of implants required to replace several missing teeth will depend on the location within the mouth, the quality of bone and the chewing forces they will be exposed to. However, it is often not necessary to place a dental implant for each missing tooth. For example, two implants can be used to support a three or four tooth implant bridge. The advantage of an implant bridge over conventional dental bridges is that the remaining teeth do not have to be cut.

Implant Bridge








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When it comes to dental reconstructions, Dr David Norcross is highly experienced and well versed in complex dental procedures. For more information on treatments to replace your missing teeth, please contact our friendly team today.

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