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Single Restored Dental Implant from $3700*

We are now offering a Single implant including: implant placement + titanium abutment + CAD CAM milled zirconia crown $3700 )

Includes the surgical placement of MIS titanium dental implant, and restoration with a titanium abutment and a CAD CAM milled zirconia crown and x-rays during treatmnt. It is our aim to try and make dental implants more affordable for our patients.
Many Australians are tempted to travel overseas to save money on dental treatment.  Yes, you could go overseas and pay less, but what if something goes wrong? Instead, stay in Perth, pay a reasonable price for a quality dental implant that is TGA approved and you can forget the hassle of traveling overseas & uncertainty of something going wrong.
Dental implants are now considered as the gold standard of care for restoring your smile. Nowadays there is no need to live without missing teeth!

What we offer:

  • Quality TGA Approved Dental Implant
  • Your dental crown made at  a Perth Dental Laboratory – not sent interstate or overseas
  • Sterile conditions at our state of the art facility in Kelmscott or East Victoria Park
  • Have everything done under the 1 roof with Dr David Norcross
  • Option to have the procedure done under General anaesthetic or IV sedation (additional fees apply)
  • Ongoing care
  • Interest free payments plans available.

We are proud to be HBF, BUPA & HCF Preferred providers, and accept all other major health funds ensuring that you receive the best rebates possible for your dental treatment. Many health funds do have implant cover, and sometimes will cover as much as 60-90% of the cost.

To find out exactly how much rebate you will receive from your health insurance, here is the item numbers and cost:

688 – Implant Placement: $1850.00

After the implant is placed it is left for 3-6 months to integrate before fabricating the abutment and crown

661 – Fitting of Abutment: $1000.00
671 – Full Implant Crown: $1650.00

Possible Additional Fees

(to be confirmed after consultation appointment):

In some areas of the mouth it may be necessary to take models of the teeth and form a computer generated surgical guide for precision placement of the implant.

071 x 2 – Diagnostic Models: $110.00 each
679 – Surgical Implant Guide: $287.00

311 – Extraction of tooth: $150.00

In some areas of the mouth where bone has been lost it may be necessary to perform a bone graft at the time of placing the implant.

243 – Bone Grafting – Per tooth or implant: $470.00

Should you have any questions about our implants, or would like to ask any questions, please email us.

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Dental Tourism /
Overseas Dentistry:

We understand why people would look at cheaper options and think about traveling over seas. What many people don’t know is that many overseas clinics offer cheap dental treatment and implants because they are using cheap materials often with poor results. The implant systems they use may not be approved for use in Australia. One of the main issues we see with treatment done while on holiday is the short treatment time involved. Patients may have never seen the dentist before and then expect a large amount of complex treatment to be done within a one to two week period. This can often result in the dentist cutting corners to ensure the work is completed by the end of your holiday. The work required to replace poorly placed, cheaper implants may be much more expensive. Fixing bad dentistry can involve much more work and much higher costs. In some cases some of the damage may be irreparable.

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Payment Plans:


Interest Free
payment plans available.

Perth Dental Implant Centre offer interest free and personal loan options through Smile Choice over 12 /24 /36 months with affordable monthly repayments.

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About our practice principal Dr David Norcross:


Dr David Norcross became the principal dentist at Kelmscott Dental in 2011. He has vast experience in both general and advanced restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry. He is a member if the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Australian Society of Implant Dentistry & also the Australian Dental Association. Dr Norcross prides himself on his gentle and approachable, his aim is to make coming to visit the dentist the most comfortable experience possible for every patient. To find out more detailed information about Dr David Norcross & the services we offer, please visit our dedicated implant website by clicking the button below.

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About MIS implants:

At Perth Dental Implants we are open and honest about all the products we use, Our implants are a trusted and well known brand MIS. For more information please click the button and/or video below.

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